I am A.W. Block. I am an attorney and have been since 1977. I am licensed by the State of Louisiana and my practice of personal injury and workers’ compensation law is primarily in Louisiana but as pro hac vice counsel I am able to enroll and to assist counsel in almost every state. My practice as a disability rights lawyer is not limited to any one state however. My practice of disability rights emphasizes the protection, preservation of your rights and prosecution of causes of action from violation of the United States Constitution and the federal statutes prohibiting discrimination against disabled individuals. Those actions may be brought in the federal court in your state. In addition, you may have causes of action for violations of state law applicable to your state. State causes of action are referred to and are handled by an attorney licensed in your state acting as co-counsel. Each state is different as to the state law applicable to your situation however the federal law is uniform and subject to enforcement in any state either as a state action or as an action prosecuted together with a federal cause of action.

Special education law is governed by each state’s laws and in conformity with the IDEA requiring that all students with disabilities are provided with a free and appropriate public school education.

Your constitutional rights extend far beyond those protected by federal and state laws to include your unalienable rights including your right to keep and bear arms. Not only do I provide general and defensive comprehensive instruction in firearms, handgun, shotgun and rifle, I also provide legal representation for those individuals who exercise their constitutional rights and are required to discharge a firearm in self defense. This is not traditional criminal defense and must be approached as a constitutional rights case rather than a garden variety criminal defense. You cannot rely upon the burden of proof, proof beyond a reasonable doubt, to protect you, you must prove that you did not commit a crime, you exercised a constitutional right and should be exonerated not merely found not guilty.


TO UNDERSTAND YOUR RIGHTS, TO PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS PLEASE CONTACT ME at 318 366-4368 or email me at aw@blockslaw.com now.